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Custom made porcelain ball jointed doll.


Size - about 40 cm tall with flat feet.

Material - porcelain.

Production time - 5-6 months.


Price includes one porcelain doll made to customer specifications, one magnetic wig, certificate of authenticity and a box.


Seven porcelain colors are available (custom skin tone is possible at extra cost).

There are several face molds to choose from, but please treat them just as general guide, since each doll is hand carved, sanded and hand painted, there are no two faces exactly the same. Same goes for hands, i position fingers and sculpt nails individually for each doll, so there are never two same pairs of hands. However there are 3 pairs of feet to choose from: flat, high heel, ballet. 


All dolls are painted with vibrant overglaze paints that are fired in the kiln multiple times and are completely permanent, they won't rub off while posing or fade with time. Dolls are assembled with elastic cord.

Wigs are made with natural fibers such as mohair and alpaca, synthetic options are possible too.


Your doll will arrive with detailed face up, painted nails and toes and full body blushing. Tattoos or outfits are not included in this price and need to be discussed separetely.


Layaway is possible, contact me for details.


There are no refunds since dolls are custom made.


Designed, sculpted and produced by Lana Isaeva.

Porcelain Doll

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